These are Oil Flow Water Flow Heat Exchangers which are used as Oil Coolers, in many of the industries to cool down the Process fluid, using water as cooling medium.

Compact Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

These are Special Designs of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, with extended Surface area, for Heat Exchange, hence reducing sizes, built for Critical applications.

Duplex Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

These consist of 2 Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers of 100% capacity with Change over arrangement, in which one will be considered as main and other stand-by. Any of the Heat Exchangers can be taken for maintenance without affecting the system as whole.

These function as same as Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, but are built with two Concentric tubes making Double walled tubes. Any leakage in any of the tubes is sensed by Leakage Detector & which alarms the system.

In Air Cooled heat exchangers the cooling media is draft of forced air which is provided by a axial fan driven by electrical power. This eliminates the need for a cooling water circuit and is very useful where water availability is a problem. The radiator core is made of bar & plate type aluminum alloy construction which gives most effective cooling performance.

These are Set of Air Cooled Hear Exchangers used for Cooling Process fluid. Unlike Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, here air works as cooling medium.

These are vessels designed to hold fluids at elevated pressure & temperatures. Accumulators & Filter housings are the commonly used Pressure vessels.