Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Shell & tube heat exchangers are the most widely used heat exchangers configuration in the process industry. The shell & tube heat exchanger provides a comparatively large ratio of heat transfer area to volume and weight. This form is relatively easy to construct and robust in construction.

  • Simplex as well as Duplex Type with change over valves
  • Horizontal and Vertical mounting constructions
  • 1-1 Pass, 1-2 Pass, 1-4 Pass arrangement
  • Available in Carbon steel, Stainless Steel and non ferrous metals
  • Manufactured in all TEMA configurations like BEW, BEM, BEU etc.
  • Range up to 1000 kW, Flow up to 3000 LPM
  • Operating pressure up to 80 bar
  • Temperature ranging from -30
Industries we Serve
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